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    At Elmot, we pride ourselves on our self-reliance. We are completely self-sufficient in the design, manufacture and testing of all our products.


    We have a total of 144000 square foot manufacturing facility which is equipped with a fully functioning machine shop, fabrication and welding shop, lamination and press shop, electrical winding and varnish facility and fully regenerative test facility for machines with up to 1 MW of electrical shaft output.

    • In-house design and finite element analysis capabilities
    • Completely vertically-integrated manufacturing facility
    • Full-function machine shop
    • Complete tooling, machinery and press shop for lamination manufacture
    • In-house strip winding facility
    • Dipping and VPI varnishing capabilities
    • Contol Panel manufacturing capability
    • Fully regenerative load test facility for alternators (up to 1 MW capacity)
    • Fully instrumented cooling tower and water supply for water cooled machine testing


    The usual range of electrical testing and measurement instruments for 50Hz, 400Hz and DC applications (ranging from voltmeters, ammeters, KW meters, PF meters to digital storage oscilloscopes and high-current high-bandwidth probes suitable for measurement of all electrical parameters up to the MW range).

    We also have a full suite of instrumentation for SPM and vibration, airborne noise, temperature and non-contact measurements.

    As a large majority of our production is of custom built equipment, built especially for defense and other special purpose applications, the finished products are tested in detail at our works for ascertaining whether the equipment meets all the specifications laid down in the orders. As a result, our products go through 100% testing before delivery to our customers. We have a test setup capable of full load trials of alternators upto 1 MW rating.


    Since a major portion of our products is custom-built for highly-specialised applications, it is vital they comply with every governing specification and standard. As many of these products have a ‘first-time-in-India’ status, the responsibility of comprehensive testing falls upon us. This is the primary driver for our multi-function and versatile test facility.

    We are one of the few Companies in India that use a fully regenerative test facility for alternators up to 1MW. This test methodology is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and provides comprehensive test capability for a wide power range.


    The quality of our final product depends largely on the quality of our raw material. Which is why we ensure we source this raw material from leading suppliers. To this end, it has been our endeavor to use only the best raw materials available and to develop, nurture and grow our relationships with the best of suppliers.


    We have highly skilled technical manpower comprising of Graduate and Post Graduate Engineers, Design Analysts, as well as qualified technicians covering the gamut of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic skillsets.