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    DC Motors and Generators


    We have been the pioneers in DC machine technology in India since the late 1960s. We had introduced the very first indigenously made DC drives in the country which were marketed under the “Sagittarius” label. Our DC motors are suitable for most variable speed applications as well as native DC applications which require mechanical torque generation. In the defense space, our DC motors have been performing in mission critical applications for the Indian Navy. We manufacture AVR controlled DC generators (24/48/72 VDC, upto 12KW) for battery charging applications, operating at varied speeds based on customer preference.

    General Specifications

    We manufacture shunt, series and compound motors for various applications with our very own internally compensated armature winding configurations.

    DC Motors & Generators up to 1000KW:
    Voltage 110V/ 220V/440V or custom.
    Speed 750RPM/1000RPM/1500RPM/3000RPM or custom.
    Class of Insulation Class F/H.
    Specifications IS-4722, IS-996, IS-8223, NES-627, NES-629, NES-632.

    Commercial Applications

    • Battery chargers (for railways and other)
    • Variable speed drives (for process industries)
    • Pumps

    Defense Applications

    • Battery driven pumps
    • Battery driven AC Plants
    • Battery driven compressors
    • Battery driven fans/blowers

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