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    62.5 kVA Elmot DG Sets

    62.5 kVA silent DG set

    62.5 kVA DG SET

    Model No. - ELM-62.5 ('ELMOT PowerGen' diesel generator set powered by EICHER - VECV LTD. engines)

    Call No:040-27179519

    Power Inside and Out


    • Advanced technology and best metallurgy
    • Most fuel efficient engine in its class
    • Longer duration oil change period
    • Lubrication oil cooler and bypass filter in-built
    • Lower maintenance cost
    • Piston cooling nozzle
    • Extremely LOW vibration
    • In line fuel pump
    • Starter motor with thermal cut-off
    • Easy Serviceability and spares availability
    • No running-in period: First Change is after 500 hours / 6 months


    • Highest efficiency in its class
    • Higher overload sustainability
    • Highest output to weight ratio
    • Voltage Regulation: ±1% (standard), ±0.5% (optional)
    • Faster recovery response

    Acoustic Enclosures

    • Aesthetically designed
    • Convenient lifting arrangement
    • Suitable for outdoor and harsh weather condition installations
    • Easy access to accessories with secure serviceability
    • Integral Control Panel
    • Integral fuel tank with 3-way fuel indication
    • Powder coated with nine tank pre-treatment for durability
    • Silencer with bird protection cover and tail pipe

    62.5 kVA DG SET

    General Specifications

    DG Set model NO ELM-62.5
    Rating 62.5kVA
    Rating Type (as per ISO 8528) Prime
    Power Factor (PF) 0.8 (lag)
    Engine Model EE483-TCI
    Engine Rated Power (BHP) 80
    Cylinders 4
    Aspriration TCI
    Displacement (Litres) 3.30
    Compression Ratio 17:01
    Bore and stroke (mm) 100 x 105
    Method of starting - Electrical 12V DC
    Minimum capacity of Amp.hr starting BATTERY 88
    Lube Oil Consumption (% of fuel Consumption) 0.1
    Lube Oil Sump capacity (Litres) 11
    Coolant Capacity - UOM as Litres 17
    Service Interval (Hours/Months) 500/12
    Governing class Mechnical A1
    Alternator Make Mecc Alte/Leroy Somer/Stamford
    Alternator type Brushless, single bearing, self-excited with solid state AVR
    Phases 3-phase
    Frequency (Hz) 50
    Insulation Class F/H
    Control panel (Mode) Manual (AMF Module is standard)
    Genset dimensions (LXBXH) 2500x1050x1300
    Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 120
    Genset Weight (kg) 1450


    1. Conditions Apply
    2. Electronic governor is optional
    3. Other makes of alternator can be provided on request
    4. Indicative. Please refer to engineering drawings for exact details
    5. 140 kVA/112 eKW rating is available on request
    6. Power ratings are as per standard reference conditions, in accordance with BS 5514/ISO 3046/ISO8528 and IS 10002/IS 3046

    Options & Services:

    • Transportation and transit insurance
    • Unloading and shifting of Genset at site
    • Civil foundation at site
    • Power and control cabling outside acoustic enclosure
    • Earthing of equipment (Genset and Panel) at site
    • Exhaust pipe extension
    • Any kind of special statutory approval

    Standard Scope Of Supply:
    Lighting inside acoustic enclosure Included
    Fuel tank & fuel piping Inbuilt (with lock and key arrangement)
    First fill of lube Oil & coolant Included
    Power Cable Included within acoustic enclosure (between alternator & Genset panel)
    Silencer with tail pipe Included
    Fuel level gauge & sensor Included
    Emergency Stop button (E-STOP) Included

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