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    Rotary Converters


    Our Rotary Converters are meant for military as well as commercial applications. We manufacture AC-AC, AC-DC and DC-AC rotary converters of various ratings, rotational speeds and frequency conversion ratios.Our Naval product range is type certified to MIL standards for EMI/EMC as well as to the stringent environmental standards for defense services (JSS 55555). Our Rotary Converters are operated through our micro-processor based control panels in order to provide the best performance and protection to the user. Our Rotary Converters are “monoblock”, with no external rotating interfaces.

    General Specifications

    Rotary Frequency Converters up to 1000KVA:
    AC to AC 50Hz to 60/ 100/ 150/ 200/ 400Hz or vice versa or custom.Standard or Non-standard Voltages up to 1,000VAC available.
    DC to AC DCto50/ 60/ 100/ 150 / 200/ 400/ 500Hz or custom.Standard or Non-standard Voltages up to 1,000VAC available.
    AC to DC Standard or Non-standard Voltages.
    Speed 600/1000 / 1200 / 1500/1800/2000/2400/3000RPM or as necessitated by conversion ratio.
    Class of Insulation Class F/H.
    Specifications EED-S-806(R1), IS-325, IS-4722, NES-627, NES-629, EED-Q-267(R2), IS-13364(Part2), IS-10242, IEC–34, BS-5000(Part99) and EED-Q-242(R2).

    Commercial Applications

    • DVDF (double-voltage-double-frequency) sets for transformer testing (upto 1000VAC variable outputs)
    • Double frequency or triple frequency converters for paper mills / printing presses

    Defense Applications

    • Radar and navigation system power supply
    • Command and Control power supply
    • Helicopter / Aircraft starting
    • Weapon system power supply
    • Ground Power Unit (GPU)

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