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    We have been pioneers in brushless alternator development in India and are the first Company to develop the brushless alternator with completely indigenous know-how. We manufacture the complete range of special purpose alternators and specialize in the marine/ship power segment. We make water cooled (CACW) as well as air cooled salient pole alternators of practically every description. Our 400 Hz alternators are MIL qualified and have been in service in critical installations for the past three decades.

    General Specifications

    Alternators up to 1500KVA:
    Voltage 230V/415V/ 440 V / 460 V or custom.
    Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz,400Hz or custom.
    Speed 1,000/1,500/2,000 / 3000RPM or custom.
    Phase 1-Phase or 3-Phase.
    Class of Insulation Class F/H.
    Specifications IS-4722, NES-627, NES-629, NES-632, IS-13364(Part2), IS-10242, IEC–34, BS-5000(Part99) and EED-Q-242(R2) (for Indian Navy), IRS/ABS/RINA Class Rules (for marine).

    Commercial Applications

    • Diesel Gensets
    • Marine power / Ship power

    Defense Applications

    • Ship power
    • Mobile power
    • Diesel gensets

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