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ELMOT PowerGen-Next Gen DG Sets

Elmot was founded with the passion for electro-technology and the vision to bring out the best in our country. We have been innovating and developing new and high performance rotating machines for challenging environments and applications for the past four decades. Our core focus has ever been the design and manufacture of custom built Rotating Electrical Machinery. This includes AC and DC motors, Water-cooled Alternators, Rotary Frequency Convertors and the likeToday, we stand as one of India’s leading providers of rotating electrical machinery for power generation and other specialty applications to the defense and marine sector.

Our passion for excellence and love for electro-technology has led us to join hands with one of the leading players in ICE’s. Our association with VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd., brings you next generation silent diesel generating sets powered by their ultra-modern and high performance diesel engines.

“Performance that will capture your imagination”

Power Inside and Out

Elmot PowerGen diesel gensets are powered by VECV Engines, which bring globally acclaimed IC engine technology from Volvo to India under the famous VECV brand umbrella. VECV Engines, besides being light weight and yet robust, bring best in class fuel economy and absolute reliability to our gensets, which are meant for the discerning customer. The feature set, attention to detail and quality of our product are sure to delight even the most hard to please customer. Salient features of the DG set include:

  • Digital ECU with online parameter monitoring of engine as well as electrical parameters
  • Parallel operation with electronic governor for 100KVA and above
  • Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) operation
  • Emission levels meeting CPCB-II norms
  • Excellent transient performance during heavy block loading
  • Best in class fuel economy
  • Excellent after sales support and customer care
  • 2 year warranty post sales on engine parts
  • High reliability and minimal downtimes in critical applications


  • Advanced technology and best metallurgy
  • Most fuel efficient engine in its class
  • Longer duration oil change period
  • Lubrication oil cooler and bypass filter in-built
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Piston cooling nozzle
  • Extremely LOW vibration
  • In line fuel pump
  • Starter motor with thermal cut-off
  • Easy Serviceability and spares availability
  • No running-in period: First Change is after 500 hours / 6 months


  • Highest efficiency in its class
  • Higher overload sustainability
  • Highest output to weight ratio
  • Voltage Regulation: ±1% (standard), ±0.5% (optional)
  • Faster recovery response

Acoustic Enclosures

  • Aesthetically designed
  • Convenient lifting arrangement
  • Suitable for outdoor and harsh weather condition installations
  • Easy access to accessories with secure serviceability
  • Integral Control Panel
  • Integral fuel tank with 3-way fuel indication
  • Powder coated with nine tank pre-treatment for durability
  • Silencer with bird protection cover and tail pipe

Technical Specifications


  1. Conditions Apply
  2. Electronic governor is optional
  3. Other makes of alternator can be provided on request
  4. Indicative. Please refer to engineering drawings for exact details
  5. 140 KVA/112 eKW rating is available on request
  6. Power ratings are as per standard reference conditions, in accordance with BS 5514/ISO 3046/ISO8528 and IS 10002/IS 3046

Disclaimer: Generator set specifications are subject to change without prior notice. We are constantly developing and refining our products for better performance.

Standard Scope Of Supply:
Lighting inside acoustic enclosure Included
Fuel tank & fuel piping Inbuilt (with lock and key arrangement)
First fill of lube Oil & coolant Included
Power Cable Included within acoustic enclosure (between alternator & Genset panel)
Silencer with tail pipe Included
Fuel level gauge & sensor Included
Emergency Stop button (E-STOP) Included

Options & Services:

  • Transportation and transit insurance
  • Unloading and shifting of Genset at site
  • Civil foundation at site
  • Power and control cabling outside acoustic enclosure
  • Earthing of equipment (Genset and Panel) at site
  • Exhaust pipe extension
  • Any kind of special statutory approval

Warranty: The standard warranty is for 24 months from the date of delivery or 5,000 running hours, whichever is earlier. An optional extended warranty is available at an extra cost. The warranty covers manufacturing defects in the Genset. However, warranty coverage for proprietary parts is as per the respective manufacturers’ warranty clauses. Please contact our sales executives for further details.

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