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    The Spark That Started It All

    The year was 1962. The location, a modest workshop in Mumbai dedicated to innovating and building originally designed electric motors. This was the spark that was lit and our Company was incorporated as a going concern in 1973. Our early thyristor controlled DC drives were once a rage in India, with practically every textile, sugar and tube mill using our machinery. Our four quadrant Ward-Leonard drives have been used for ropeways during construction of major dams as early as the 1970s.

    We grew steadily, expanding from that little workshop to our first factory in Goregaon, Mumbai to a multi-acre campus in Vasai by the 1980s.Today, we are head-quartered at Elmot Estate in Nacharam, Hyderabad. What has enabled us to power up to this level is our solid technical grounding, from which we are able to take on challenging applications and requirements for custom design, high performance and specialty applications.


    Electro-technology has become the backbone of modern civilization and mankind has found new and innovative ways to harness power. We at Elmot have been passionate about electro-technology since our inception and it is this passion that drives us ever forward.

    Here at Elmot, we do our bit in powering up the future, with a range of custom engineered rotating electromechanical power conversion products.

    We deliver a variety of solutions for customer needs ranging from miniature brushless DC motors to Megawatt water cooled alternators. We were the first Company in India to develop brushless alternators without foreign technical collaboration.

    We are an ISO 9001: 2015 Company with our Health, Safety & Environment systems certified to EMS: ISO 14001: 2015 & OSHAS: ISO 45001: 2018.